The Gap + Natural Wonders of Albany

South West  >  Coastal & Aquatic

Travel with Albany's premier coach company and take in the 360 degree views of the coastline from the summit of Stony Hill. From here, amidst the bushland it is possible to see the vast expanse of the Southern Ocean and the rugged coastlines that early explorers first encountered as the rounded the peninsula for the sheltered waters of Princess Royal Harbour.

Get closer to the edge at the Gap and feel the power of the wind and water from the masterfully crafted, protected walkway lookout.  See the pounding waves as they thrash the granite walls and surge through the spaces.

Travel on to the cove from where sailing boats launch into the quiet harbour before one more view from the Albany Wind Farm to Mutton Bird Island. Looking across the vibrant City of Albany, see the granite formations of the Stirling and Porongurup Ranges in the distance.

Complete your journey and exploration of the impressive coastline with a relaxing refreshment at Middleton Beach.

Tour highlights:
  • Stoney Hill
  • Albany's famous Gap
  • Exceptional views of the Albany Wind Farm, Stirling and Porongurup Ranges
  • Refreshment at Middleton Beach
Tour duration:

4 hours


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