Corporate Social Responsibility

Sightseeing Pass Australia is the first Western Australian owned and operated online e-commerce tourism solution. With a specific focus on inbound travel to Western Australia, Sightseeing Pass Australia aims to deliver awareness about leading and award winning tourism experiences, tour operators and attractions.

We live and work in one the most beautiful states in Australia and we want to keep it that way. Sightseeing Pass Australia supports responsible tourism, conservation of natural resources and sustainability in general. Sightseeing Pass Australia is a geographically diverse business with tour operators and attractions located throughout Western Australia. As a business we work closely with our preferred suppliers and tour operators to develop and promote responsible holiday options so future generations can experience the beautiful state of Western Australia.

Carbon Footprint

Sightseeing Pass Australia is working to reduce office-related emissions by adopting a number of initiatives as outlined below.

Energy Consumption

Sightseeing Pass Australia is actively working to reduce energy usage by:

  • installing energy efficient lighting
  • no after hours air-conditioning use
  • installing blinds to minimise cooling and heating costs
  • installing multi-purpose devices to reduce the number of appliances in use
  • encouraging staff to switch off appliances and equipment when not in use
  • using energy efficient appliances

Recycling & Waste Reduction

Sightseeing Pass Australia has taken significant steps to reduce its waste by:

  • ensuring recycling bins are available and accessible
  • printing information only when necessary and moving towards double-sided copying
  • no packaging of documents
  • sourcing and using recycled, unbleached, 100% post-consumer paper for printed materials when possible

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