8,000ft Rottnest Island Tandem Skydive

Perth  >  Adventure

Skydive over WA's favourite holiday island, Rottnest and land right on the beach for an unforgettable experience.

Your experience begins with a warm welcome at our facilities at the Rottnest Island Airport, followed by a briefing with your qualified and friendly Skydive Instructor. After a quick goodbye to family and friends, you will board the Geronimo aircraft and fly to jump altitude. The 10 – 15 minute flight features views of stunning WA coastline, the island itself and Perth city beyond. Together with your instructor, you will free fall at 200kms/hr for 20 seconds! This is by far the most exciting part, so we recommend considering an upgraded height of 10,000ft (costs below).

Your instructor will deploy your parachute at 5,000ft and you then enjoy a spectacular 5 minute parachute ride, before landing on the beach alongside family and friends. Then it’s time to celebrate! Customers enjoy a free celebratory drink the Hotel Rottnest, while overlooking the ocean - skydiving is thirsty work!

Skydive includes: 
  • Stunning flight to altitude over Rottnest Island with views of Perth
  • Exhilarating 20 seconds of free fall time with your experienced Skydive Instructor
  • 5 minute parachute ride with unobstructed views of the island
  • Beach landing on one of

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