Outer Reef or Muiron Island Dive & Snorkel Tour

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Surrounded by an abundance of coral gardens, rocky ledges, and intriguing dive sites, the Outer Reef or Muiron Islands are located about 20km north-east or around the west of Exmouth.

Keep your eyes open during the 75-minute trip across to the Islands for ospreys, shearwaters, turtles, manta rays, dolphins, dugongs, and during their migration, humpback whales.

We have a wide range of dive sites with a maximum depth of 20m and usually only gentle currents, the dive sites around the Outer Reef or Muiron Islands are suitable for all levels of snorkelers (over Six years of age) and divers. Swim-throughs and ledges provide plenty of places to search for shrimps, nudibranchs, eels, juvenile angelfish and other timid creatures. In mid-water and against the reefs look for friendly potato cod, large rankin cod, turtles, nurse sharks, soft coral gardens, anemones, clams and 1000's of darting, colourful reef fish. Late in the year, manta rays grace several of our dive sites, too. A medical Questionnaire must be answered before taking this tour. Please contact us for full details.


  • A fresh lunch, drinks, and snacks
  • High-quality snorkel equipment
  • Experienced crew to guide you on your adventure!
  • Complimentary transfers from accommodation in Exmouth.

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