* AUG - OCT * Humpback Whale Swim & Watch Tour

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Every year over 30,000 humpback whales pass our Ningaloo Reef at different stages of their migratory journey and we are extremely excited to be part of the first swimming with the humpback trials on the West Australian coast.

Our experienced and passionate crew aboard the 55ft Heron offer the perfect platform to start this incredible adventure. For many years we have been captivated by the thousands of humpback whales that pass by Ningaloo, their size, beauty, and antics have enthralled people from all over the world. There aren’t words to describe the humbling feeling and the connection you experience when you are beside an amazing creature like a humpback whale. We now have the opportunity to enter their world and swim quietly along with them to experience a small part of their journey.

Our aim is to use our spotter plane to find a humpback or a pod of humpback whales that are resting as these slow moving whales are more likely to be interested in interacting with our swimmers and providing that breath taking experience you will never forget. There will be only 7 swimmers in the water at any one time along with our guide and photographer to read more...

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