Swim with Whale Sharks & Adventure Day Tour

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Dreaming of swimming with the world’s largest living shark in the turquoise waters of Ningaloo Reef? Our Swim with Whale Sharks Day Tour is for you.  You’ll have the unmatched experience of safely snorkelling and swimming beside these gentle giants in an amazing natural interaction, guided by our experienced crew. Between March and August each year, Whale Sharks journey to the Ningaloo Reef to feed on plankton attracted by the mass spawning of coral.

We lead guided small group tours offering the chance to swim with the Whale Sharks from April to July when you have the best chance of seeing a Whale Shark up close. The clear waters and visibility of the North West make for perfect conditions to swim with a Whale Shark as the they cruise just below the surface, allowing you the opportunity to snorkel alongside them. If you are wondering which Whale Shark experience to select on the Ningaloo Reef, the difference between us and everyone else is numbers. Our focus at Live Ningaloo is on offering small group tours, to allow the greatest amount of interaction between you and the Whale Sharks.  We host a maximum of 10 guests on each Whale Shark swimming read more...

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