Meet the Woylies Tour

Margaret River  >  Nature & Beauty

Join us on our nocturnal Woylie tour, for a special evening to observe a colony of Woylies in their natural environment. A very rare, nocturnal little macropod with personality, Woylies are the smallest member of the Kangaroo family. This tour is your only opportunity in the region to view these amazing, but critically endangered creatures.

The tour begins with accommodation pickups half an hour before sunset, before we drive you to a nearby private Conservation Sanctuary where we have exclusive access for our tour.  On arrival at the Sanctuary, a short guided bush walk will take us to the animal viewing site. As the first of the Woylies appear, we will share with you some of their unique characteristics and interesting facts about the area.  Other local wildlife may join us during the tour including kangaroos, bandicoots and possums.

* Animals mentioned are all wild animals and therefor sightings are not guaranteed, No refunds will be offered due to non-sightings.

Tour Highlights:
  • Enjoy a short bush walk before arriving at the animal viewing area
  • Kangaroos, bandicoots, possums and other nightlife may also be seen
  • Billy tea and biscuits included
  • Exclusive access to a private Conservation Sanctuary (Yelverton Brook Eco Spa Retreat)
  • Part proceeds

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