Whale Watching Eco Tours (Augusta)

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From the scenic seaside town of Augusta, meet the oceans largest mammals on an extraordinary journey. From the frigid feeding grounds of the Antarctic to the warm waters of northern Australia and beyond, migrating humpback whales fill Flinder's Bay as they make their epic trek, the longest migration of any mammal on earth. Competitive, curious and acrobatic, humpback whales are one of the most spectacular whales to watch.

A face to face encounter with an animal 200 times your size is an unforgettable experience. Hear thunderous slaps from flippers weighing several tons. Watch in awe as a whale weighing 40 tons rockets from the ocean in a spectacular breach, trailing sparkling streams of seawater before crashing back into the sea in a storm of whitewater. Delight in the sight of southern right whales and their newborn calves, one-ton babies born in the bay in July and August. Each addition inspires hope for the future of the most endangered of the great whale species as they play and grow in preparation for their first migration south.

Keep a close lookout for sea eagles and osprey soaring above the cliffs, pods of dolphins surfing the bow wave, the local seal colony, albatross read more...

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