Swim with Great Whites

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If there is one thing you must add to your bucket list, it has to be Cage Diving with Great Whites!

As the creators of Australia’s first Advanced Eco-certified Shark Cage Diving experience, we offer visitors a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to view the legendary Great White Shark in its natural habitat. Adventure Bay Charters has set a standard in shark attraction that is the highest in sustainability and environmental credentials around the world. Our methods of attraction are the most sympathetic towards the people who live by, work on and recreationally use the waters of Port Lincoln. The use of music to attract the sharks to our vessel allows you the unique opportunity to rock out to the Great White Sharks’ preference of AC/DC or your most loved tunes whilst in the cage.

We are also proud to introduce the world’s first Shark “Aqua Sub” – a revolutionary way to view Great White Sharks in their most pure form. This submersible glass viewing area features 360-degree underwater views and allows you to stay completely dry!

To ensure we are protecting the natural environment, we use audio sound vibrations to attract the sharks to the boat rather than berley or chum. The read more...