Southern Ocean Adventure Cruise

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Southern Ocean Adventure

This breathtaking 90 minute wildlife tour departs from the Granite Island Causeway and cruises between the mainland and the northern side of Granite Island, affording spectacular views of both the Victor Harbor shoreline and the island.

Colonies of seals and sea lions can be found basking on the rocks and swimming in the shallows and pods of Common and Bottlenose dolphins can be spotted playing or feeding. The Big Duck heads past the darkly spectacular cliffs of Kings Beach and Waitpinga before returning to Granite Island Causeway.

During winter Southern Right Whales and Humpback Whales migrate from Antarctic waters to the warmer ocean around Australia to feed,mate and give birth. The Big Duck is a licensed whale watching vessel and it is a privilege to enter the Southern Right Whale breeding sanctuary of Encounter Bay and to view these majestic animals from the waterline.  Southern Right Whales are much larger and less active (above the waterline) than Humpback Whales commonly seen on the East Coast of Australia.  For this reason, whale sightings cannot be guaranteed.  We also adhere to the minimum approach distance of 300 metres.  Should Whales not be in the area the cruise will revert to read more...