Perth Scavenger Hunt

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Join the newest tour in town with 'Peddle Perth' an ecotourism company started to share the love of Perth and to encourage people to play! It is the most fun to have with friends or work colleagues by jumping on a comfy rickshaw with an experienced driver and guide to fill your night with exhilaration!

On a Friday or Saturday afternoon/evening you and your crew will meet us at Russell Square in Northbridge, check out our sweet rides and get acquainted with us.  After doing some fun group activities, you and your friends will separate into groups of 2 and then hop on Perth's most unique form of transport, a rickshaw, with your own personal chauffeur who's experienced, safe and a lot of fun. The riders will take you all across Perth while you complete challenges that are hilarious and test your courage, creativity, intellect, and competitiveness.

Throughout the entire journey you'll be laughing hysterically and making memories that you and your friends will be talking about for weeks. If it's not the challenges, it'll be the thrilling rides between challenges, the great music pumping from our speakers or the bonding between you and your 'Scavenger Hunt' partner as you read more...