Perth's Bar Tour Scavenger Hunt

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We've upgraded the Scavenger Hunt to a Bar Tour Scavenger Hunt. You'll now get to visit two of Perth's best small cocktail bars for discounted drinks and in the middle you'll embark on one of our hilarious & exciting scavenger hunts. You'll have photos, video and stories to show all your friends and you'll have some proper belly laughs. This is a must do for all the adventurous souls in Perth who want to let their hair down and do something to get them out of their comfort zone.

Make sure everyone brings their wallet, as there are no no drinks included in the tour and some optional challenges do require you to purchase items.

On a Friday or Saturday afternoon/evening you and your crew will meet us at Russell Square in Northbridge, check out our sweet rides and get acquainted with us.  After doing some fun group activities, you and your friends will separate into groups of 2 and then hop on Perth's most unique form of transport, a rickshaw, with your own personal chauffeur who's experienced, safe and a lot of fun. The riders will take you all across Perth while you complete challenges read more...

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