Albany History & Highlights Tour

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An incredible tour showcasing ANZAC history starting off at the the National ANZAC Centre where interactive displays will take you on an intimate journey of a participant of the war.  As you move outside you will find planted trees to remember fallen soldiers and the Avenue of Honour leads to the Memorial of the Desert Mounted Corps.  See the view that the departing ANZAC Troops had before they sailed onwards to war; for some of them, the last vision of homeland.

Curving around Mt Adelaide, Breaksea Island comes into view and stories of the construction of the lighthouse and its connection to the ANZAC narrative are revealed. At Middleton Beach we pause a moment to absorb the vista of the ocean and perhaps, if lucky, a glimpse of sheltering whales and calves. Enjoy scones and jam and tea/coffee.

Journeying into the city centre, we pass along the way the oldest farm in Western Australia and learn of the contribution it made to the social life and nourishment of the early community; a property with a chequered history. Then we stop at Patrick Taylor Cottage for look into yesteryears ways. Could Albany have belonged to France?  British intervention soon put a read more...