Pink Lake Hutt Lagoon Flight

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A popular experience in Western Australia is a flight over the famous Hutt Lagoon Pink Lake, south of Kalbarri.  This is only clearly visible from the sky as the lake makes a dramatic contrast to the surrounding landscape. Kalbarri is in fact the closest airport to both the Pink Lake and East Wallabi Island the Abrolhos Islands favourite tourist destination.

On this tour you'll depart Kalbarri Airport for 45 minute flight to see the Pink Lake at Hutt Lagoon near Port Gregory. Fly over the Kalbarri town and low along the beachfront before climbing to cliff height to view the spectacular coastal cliffs with their red sedimentary rock colours. Continue past the surfing beach, Red Bluff and Rainbow Valley, where rainbows may be seen in the sea mist due to sands and silts containing an assortment of minerals that have layered, compacted and weathered to form this spectrum in stone.

View a series of connecting gorges, including the natural bridge before flying past the white sandy beaches of Lucky Bay and over the Pink Lake. The lake contains a pink hue created by presence of carotenoid-producing algae Dunaliella salina, a source of ß-carotene, a food-coloring agent and source of vitamin read more...

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