Ballooning over the Avon Valley, INCLUDES breakfast - WEEKENDS

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The Avon Valley and the peaceful adventure of floating in the wind!

Enjoy the spectacular views from a balloon basket and experience this ancient sport in Northam, the centre of the picturesque Avon Valley. Depending on the wind direction, we shall choose launch locations to try to give you the best views at sunrise that the day can offer.  At Liberty Balloon Flights we give you the finest experience of free flight in a balloon in the whole of Australia, hands down.

Breathtaking views and safety assured with pilots who have been flying for over 27 years, not only in Western Australia but also, for close to 20 years, Melbourne. The experience starts early, at around 5:30 am but we will contact you in the evening before your flight to confirm the exact time. We follow the Sun and we try to be airborne just before dawn, hence the early start.

Ballooning is a hands-on experience and there are simple tasks for those who'd like to participate in setting the balloon up for the flight and there is certainly a job for everyone when we need to pack the balloon away after we have landed!

The flight itself

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