Small Bar Rickshaw Tour

Perth  >  Urban Culture

Take a Ride on the most unique form of transport in Perth!  Venice has Gondolas, Perth has Peddles, come experience the new Perth nightlife in the most fun way possible, on the back of your own private Rickshaw Chariot. When you join us on a bar tour, you and your friends get your own personal chariots, piloted by safe, fit, fun and experienced chauffeurs.

Before we head off, you'll partnered up with someone in your crew and pick your favourite rickshaw bike that will be your chariot for the first leg of the trip. The bikes will then take off en route to the first bar, but because Peddle is always more fun than your destination, you won't want to get off as the cushions are too comfy, the music is too good and the ride is too much fun!

When you get into the bars you'll find an area reserved for you, some amazing Peddle-exclusive drink specials and friendly staff that treat you like regulars! We spend 30 minutes in each bar and after 2 hours of drinks and great bonding experiences we'll leave you at a bar in the heart of the nightlife action so you can let read more...

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