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The SkyChallenge is unlike any other high ropes course. With over 70 obstacles available for you to tackle at your own level and speed, the SkyChallenge is perfect for anyone wanting a stimulating experience.

Imagine playing totem tennis in the sky, rowing a boat mid-air, or manoeuvring between obstacles like our floating esky, BMX bike, and sky-high picnic table. For those who are up for the ultimate challenge, you can take a leap of faith from our MegaJump after climbing to a height of 30m at the top of the Crow's Nest; all in the safety of our world-class harnesses.

Our amazing crew are always ready to support and encourage you through the fun!

Climb times:

Daily every half hour from 10.00am to 5.00pm

Where to find us:

Mega Adventure Park is located at Adelaide Shores – 4 Hamra Avenue, West Beach. You can access the park via Military Road.

There is ample parking on site and it is easy to access via public transport. The J1 bus stops just outside at stop number 9, Military Road.


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